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Tutorial: How to install Sygic Aura GPS

The Sygic AURA features maps fully 3D, where you can check buildings, landscapes and even variations in topography near you, making navigation turn-by-turn even more precise and more complete. 
 And speaking of shipping, the Aura makes route calculation, shows alternative routes, location of traffic lights and speed cameras. 
The interesting Sygic Aura is that it's a GPS for both vehicles and pedestrians. So no excuses for getting lost, because the application will always help to find the best route to get to a certain place and without requiring any 3G data package.
 Other functions:

- Details voice navigation;
- Maps created by Tele Atlas, saved;
- three-dimensional view of the city and the countryside;
- The transfer of data on road accidents and real-time notification;
- Warnings about fotoradar;
- The function of selecting the bands and the warnings on road signs;
- Connecting to a car audio system via Bluetooth or cable;
- Auto-rotate the screen image using the accelerometer;
- Identification of areas with the help of a compass;
- Support for multi-touch control for easy viewing of maps;
- Scenes dimensional rendering with hardware acceleration;
- 37 languages​​;
- Intuitive Interaction with points of interest;
- Application of friends on a map;
- City Guides reward suppliers of Wikipedia;
- Application Updates Free;
- Free upgrades in fotoradarov.


Step by step

  1. Create a folder at the root of your SD card with the name "Aura". 
  2. Extract the maps and put in that folder along with the apk file.
  3.  Install apk through the Astro file manager or other manager of your choice.

Source: Droidlinux

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