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Tutorial: How to upgrade LG Eve GW620 for Android 2.2

The devices GW620 LG recently won the update of Android. Owners of these smartphones can already perform procedure that installs the Froyo (2.2) operating system from Google.


Step by step:

  1. Back up all your data.
  2. Uncheck the Debug Mode, on the application menu.
  3. Connect to the computer via USB. 
  4. Unzip the LG-Utils-0.4.2.zip. 
  5. Inside is an application called KS360-Utils-EN.exe, run it. 
  6. Choose option "I - Extract the files from KDZ file " and then enter the name of the file. KDZ (must be in the same folder as the application is running KS360-Utils-EN.exe). 
  7. Wait for it generates a file V20G_00.cab 
  8. After, go the "J - Flash with assistant (file. cab), " enter the data as below. 
  9. Phone Model: GW620 
  10. File (. CAB) including the firmware, enter the file name V20G_00.cab (must be in the same folder as the application is running KS360-Utils-EN.exe) 
  11. Version (SW version): Here you tell the version you are installing on the V20G_00 case. 
  12. Now wait, it will open the application installation / upgrade from LG. It takes a little bit. 
  13. Then the phone will reset itself and go. 
  14. Running FroYo.
Now, just enjoy!

Source: Androidz  

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